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Averette Technologies, LLC. was created by two professional techs who dared to go out into the world and do their own thing. Armed with only a computer, fax machine, and a means of transportation, they were able to carve out a small niche for themselves in this massive industry.
Now in 2020, their goals are set high, and their standards are even higher. They're continuing to deliver high levels of customer service along with outstanding service performance.


They truly bring you the comfort of a job well done the first time.


Averette Technologies is striving to change the way people think about technology. It does not have to be confusing or complicated. Yes, it is ever-growing and emerging at all times and in a sea of knowledge, it is not unusual to feel lost.

But our mission is to take the confusion out of the equation. And offer you a solution that fits your comfort level and budget. Our techs are friendly and knowledgeable. Our services are affordable, and quality assured.

We're bringing you the comfort of a job well done!



Well where do we start? Prompt service, worked around my hours, and most importantly an EXTREME dedication to making sure the customer is happy. These fine people set up my dental office with enough cable to circle the globe. They did everything exactly to my specifications...

They were dedicated to a job perfectly done, even handling a few finishing touches after I had paid them and even though I was being very picky!

—  Perry Joiner DMD

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