Amazon Key for Business is Here!

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Amazon Key for Business to help 

streamline Amazon deliveries to residential multi-unit buildings and communities. 


Amazon Key for Business is a more convenient, efficient way to receive Amazon deliveries in 

lobbies, package rooms, gated communities, and more. It reduces the need for building 

managers to provide access to Amazon drivers and manage packages. It also eliminates the 

need for building owners to maintain staff onsite during Amazon’s broad delivery window, 

enhances building amenities for free, and allows residents' packages to be delivered more 



With Key for Business, Amazon drivers only enter secured areas after being verified via the 

Amazon Delivery App, and they follow step-by-step delivery instructions that guide them to 

leave packages in the location that works best for building owners and managers. 


The Key for Business device is compatible with most electrical access systems, including ours, 

and the device, installation, and maintenance are all free of charge. Installation is typically quick 

and easy. 


We’re honored to partner with Amazon Key for Business and look forward to helping our clients 

operate more efficiently by streamlining Amazon deliveries to multi-unit buildings and gated 



For more information about how our partnership with Amazon Key for Business can help you, 

contact us at 866-649-9049.