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Security Camera Installation Services

Averette Technologies takes pride in offering an affordable security camera installation service that delivers exceptional value to its customers. With a strong focus on cost-effectiveness, Averette Technologies ensures businesses can enhance their security without breaking the bank. We understands that security is a fundamental need, and everyone should have access to reliable and professional installation services at affordable rates.


Our team of experienced security camera technicians combines their expertise with efficient installation practices to minimize costs while maintaining the highest standards. By providing affordable security installation services mixed with cabling, Averette Technologies strives to make security accessible to a wide range of customers, enabling them to protect their premises, assets, and loved ones without compromising on their budget.

Cameras Consulting and Installation

Choose only one camera or a package with a predetermined number of security cameras based on your requirements and the property size. This may include a combination of indoor, outdoor, dome, PoE IP cameras, or specialized cameras to cover various areas and surveillance needs.

Cabling and Connectors

Most package includes the necessary cables and connectors to connect the cameras to the DVR/NVR. This will involve running and concealing cables through walls, ceilings, or conduits to ensure a neat and professional installation.

Mounting Hardware

Mounting brackets, screws, and other hardware required to install the cameras securely are necessary to the install. These ensure that the cameras are properly positioned and provide optimal coverage.


A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) is needed to record and store the video footage captured by the cameras. These devices provide storage capacity and video management capabilities for easy access and playback.

Mobile App/Software

The installation and setup of a mobile app or software that allows users to access and control their security cameras remotely. This facilitates easy monitoring and management of the surveillance system.

Training and Support

We'll provide a training session to familiarize customers with the operation of the security cameras and associated software. Additionally, ongoing technical support may be provided to address any issues or questions that arise after the installation.

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